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Top-notch Metal Roofing in Fredericton

If you are planning to repair your metal roofs or enhance the durability of your roof with metal roofing solutions, we can help. At The Country Roofer Inc., we strive to win the trust of our customers with our work’s effectiveness, providing longevity to their roofs. We offer a workmanship warranty of 7 years, so you can rest assured of getting services that are second to none. Moreover, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide them with the quality and standard they deserve. So, whether it is metal roof Installation, re-roofing or repair, we are just a call away.

A man servicing the roof

Metal Roofing Services


In the roofing industry, metal is synonymous with durability. We can repair, install and re-install metal roofs that sustain snow, rain, and all adverse weather conditions, without corroding or cracking. Our metal roofs come in an assortment of colours so that you have ample options to choose from.

At The Country Roofer Inc., we understand that some roofing issues can come unannounced. That’s why we offer emergency services to meet your urgent requirements. If your building requires a roofing upgrade that increases its curb appeal along with enhancing its longevity, then call us for hiring our metal roofing services today.

Add a Layer of Protection

Install asphalt shingles on your roof for waterproofing solutions that are relatively inexpensive.

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